Rexhep Qosja

Rexhep Qosja
There have been ten years (written in 2008) since the fall of Adem Jashari and other members of the Jashari family. There have been ten years from the day that this family have made extraordinary and unprecedented action not only in Albanian history but also in European history.
There have been ten years of this magnificent decline that has rocked our souls, that moved our new history and has accelerated our future. When talking about the sacrifice of Adem Jashari and the Jashari family, also we remember with great piety all of the martyrs of the nation and with piety remember all those who in various ways sacrificed for Kosovo, and remember with sorrow large all those whose graves still are unknown.
Tenth anniversary of the fall of the Jashari Adem and of the others Jasharis we mark after a great event for our history: we mark it just three weeks after the declaration of independence. Kosovo became a free, independent and internationally recognized country. The competencies that over its independence have representatives of the UN, then, the Mission of the European Union, are temporary and when their time passes, Kosovo could be called sovereign.
A great injustice, begun in the Congress of Berlin in 1878, and raised on the national tragedy of the Ambassadors Conference in London from 1912 to 1913, which has become the cause of backwardness in overall development, poverty and many sorrows and tragedies almost century-long life of the Albanian people, largely is been remedied.
With the exception of Russia which is continuing its unjust policy, traditional policy, to the Albanian people, major European states, which then had divided Kosovo of its natural, geographic and demographic completeness, finally have listened the prophesying of then British minister of Foreign Affairs, Edward Grey, who at the end of the Conference of London, said: "We received an unfair decision that at will be necessary to reconsider."
There is no doubt that the U.S. is the state that exerted the most influence in changing the historical position of Kosovo and, with it, the Albanian people in general: are state that played a decisive role in determining the status of Kosovo and its international recognition. Let's say that U.S. policy towards Kosovo and the Albanian people marked the new Balkan history and determined our feelings towards them.
In marking the 10th anniversary of the fall of Adem Jashari and other members of the Jashari family, we should note that the fate of Kosovo, state has had a special role, which many generations have called the mother country – state of Albania. Without it, could not be done as it is done neither liberation war. She did what was natural, what was inevitable: did what brother for brother do.
But, what should I say for the war of KLA and for the work of Adem Jashari and the Jashari family? I say: it is not common work. It is historical work. As such it has great significance, widespread in national space and the long stretch of national time. And as we know, such a stretch, with unlimited time and unlimited in space, have myths. We are dealing, therefore, with a real work, which inevitably takes the deed meaning for all times: it is very unusual, very extraordinary, very impressively in the feelings and minds of people. As such it cannot be ever un-mythicized!
Why do I say so?
"I say so because Adem Jashari with his self-sacrifice, and of his family, has made it in exceptional circumstances and in an extraordinary way and only showed that fate had ordained him to show in less dramatic way: has showed that Albanian population is historically ripe to made more expensive sacrifices for freedom."
In exceptional circumstances, Adem judged extraordinary: if my people need my life I will give it.
And he gave.
And much more than that! In exceptional circumstances, Adem Jashari judged even more extraordinary: if my people need my family life, I will give.
And he gave it.
On this planet should not have an army and police that has a moral code, which will go to war against a family, but, behold, it was an army and a police officer who did this multiply crime! And, now, can we say: that with his determination, with its code of morality, self-sacrificing act, Adem Jashari passed measure tof he ordinary man. And became extraordinary person.
With his self-sacrifice and of his family, Adem Jashari shown the world the moral power of the Albanian people; liberating spirit of the Albanian people; determination that the Albanian people will have to fight for freedom and independence.
Ways of self-sacrifice of Adem Jashari and his family conveyed to foreigners a very important message for Albanian people that made them to thought: people with such determination, having these morals, having these characters cannot be kept occupied during despite the violence and despite the crimes that may make conqueror.
And this message sent to the foreigners, of act of the Jashari Adem Jashari and of others, made possible to us, those living here in Pristina, and wherever else we can be, to say to internationals that were coming here more rarely in the summer of 1998, and which were waiting for the Serbian army and police to destroy the KLA and Kosovo: don’t have illusions! KLA cannot disappear! It is like the phoenix: it rises from its own ashes – It is the essence of spiritual liberation of the Albanian people.
And in that way happened.
With his self-sacrifice and his family, Adem Jashari actually dramatized the situation, dramatized fate of the Albanian people under the rule of the Serbian regime to the extent that many endlessly troubled Europe, USA and democratic consciousness of the world in general.
There is not needed be special to mind see, it only needed intellectual moral to say, that the war of the KLA becoming superhuman feats of Adem Jashari and Jashari family happened at crucial moments for the freedom of Kosovo: when so-called peaceful resistance was become cohabitating with violence, when the intelligentsia was largely removed from the people, the increasingly apparent partial bureaucracy is added to its privileges, when political rhetoric was back in patriotic demagoguery, namely: when the amount of unhealthy contents of legal politics of parties was too much added.
Is there a need to say, now, that the KLA war and sacrifice of Jashari Adem, od Jasharis and other fallen retorted patriotism sincerity, manhood, honour – returned virtues without which patriotism was transformed into a tool of benefits.
From above mention discussion I would like to conclude that heroic self-sacrifice for a general ideal; as the ideal of freedom and independence, cannot be viewed only as a heroic act: it is simultaneously an act of sacrifice for the lives of others, is act of humanity. Therefore, if we look at those as unusual, extraordinary, we are mythicizing acts of saints various, who only in rare cases have led their humanity to the act of self-sacrifice, it doesn’t seem as reasonable common allegations of act of fallen Adem Jashari and other Jasharaj ten years ago.
That if we accept the concept of reasonable self-sacrificing act of Adem Jashari, Jashari and others, we would agree with the built concept on untruth according to which freedom and independence are the result primarily of those who had had created the illusion of democratic rule under domestic violence and crimes of the Milosevic regime and not of the liberation war of the KLA and the blood of martyrs! If we agree with this concept of lies, we would become denying the historical truth of this means participating in scientific and political corruption that was made public not only written in few media when it comes to processes, the occurrence of events of the last quarter-century in Kosovo, in particular, from 1990 until today.
Yes, let me finish this sentence. We, the elderly people, who are mature in years past storms, we can call youngsters lucky, that will enjoy the fruits of 17 February 2008. I want to believe that they will be completely independent to set themselves straight upright, not assign them to other truths and values that will appreciate. Us, to the elderly, makes happy knowledge that they will not experience the trials, hardships or tragedies that we have experienced.
But, they should not forget that, although Kosovo became independent, Serbia's policy toward Kosovo state has not changed: remains hostile.
Should not also be forgotten that, although Kosovo has become independent, Albanian question cannot be considered resolved. When finally resolved this seriously Balkans issue, Kosovo, hopefully, will be able to use freely, in accordance with the historical interests of the Albanian people and in accordance with the ideal one century all our generations, its sovereignty - which today are not allowed! This time, I believe, will not delay too much.
And we, now, should not forget the responsibility that they should be treated as having made the most of Kosovo's independence, not, as it happens, to be more favoured and rewarded by those who not only have done nothing but indeed they really did the opposite.
These truths require much thought about the historical and moral consciousness of our youth. I believe, therefore, that their historical awareness will be built not on partisan propaganda that is so often built on personal and group privileges for which causes was denied the liberation war, but on morale of extraordinary devotion, idealistic, to freedom and independence, those for those who though how to sacrifice: KLA, of tis founder and its commander Adem Jashari, of a family - JASHARAJ monument and all of those who have fallen for Kosovo.
These are liberators and these are the glory of Kosovo.