Battle of Gllogjan

After the Battle of Jashari and KLA Epopee in legendary Prekaz, it was a turn for Haradinaj to be attacked by Serbian police forces. Before dawn on 24th of March 1998, secretly hundreds of Serb armed forces began to march through the villages towards the north-west. Serbs formed a ring fence around Gllogjan. Target of the attack was the Haradinaj family, which was at home. The attack began a few hours later, while police forces were observed movements of Haradinaj family. The attack has begun on Daut, while was returning to home, a police car came from the village and tried to catch, but the reaction of Daut began with military resistance. Two policemen came out from vehicle and opened fire in his direction.
Now, other Serb forces have rapidly attacked with military vehicles. After a while, a Serbian special force managed to enter inside the yard of Haradinaj. After counter attack with hand grenades this special force was pulled. Thus, the battle has become even more severe when Serb helicopters were engaged to observe the sky but without attacks.KLA soldiers had already taken their positions and began to attack Serbian forces from many sides. Then, Serb forces start to attack from helicopter, which fired two bursts with explosives that exploded on the ground.The village was engulfed in smoke and blurred.
Serbs who remained wanted to withdraw but did not have the courage. They asked for reinforcements, but none of them came.Thus, KLA soldiers seeing this condition opened dense fire on the Serbs. Thereof, the battle of Gllogjan continued all day long.
Battle of Gllogjan was first frontal battle in Dukagjin, which took place on 24th of March 1998, where Serb forces suffered heavy defeat, although were used numerous infantry force and the whole war machinery.The resistanceof the Kosovo Liberation Army, on 24th of March 1998 in Gllogjan led by exemplary commander Ramush Haradinaj, entered triumphantly into history and written by delicate blood of freedom fighters. On this marked day, fate to fall for freedom of the country has had martyr Gazmend Mehmetaj together with his cousin Agron and comrade Hime Haradinaj.
Serb forces, surprised by the strong resistance of freedom fighters had captured some Gllogjan villagers, but also students of the primary school "Hasan  Prishtina" using in this way "living wall" for movement. Gazmendi, Hima of Agron, had come up at certain points, where they will meet with other comrades to receive instructions to continue resistance. They did not meet with Shkëlzen Haradinaj who had earlier come to the meeting point. Upon hearing for students’ occupation, the three of them went towards the students, but the faced with Serb forces and Serb snipers have firing from helicopter. They even though very young age, were falling for the freedom of their people, were falling to protect Albanian school to protect students – the future of the country.
Thus, the Serbian military and police forces withdrew from Gllogjaniwith huge loss with killed and damage of the military technique. Gllogjan and Haradinaj family became an important base of the KLA, which was attacked and two other times later, but was never defeated.
Therefor Battle of March 24, 1998, marks the beginning of the frontal war in Dukagjini valley and is known as Dukagjini Epopee.