Battle of Kaçanolli

On 15 September 1998, numerous police forces and military forces had launched a large-scale offensive in the north-west of the Llapi and Shala region in order to break the KLA, but this objective did not succeed. Over 24 thousand Serbian forces from three directions: from Podujeva, Mitrovica amd Vushtrria among whom the paramilitaries and mercenaries for three days in a row on 15, 16 and 17 September 1998, had attacked KLA positions in Dobratin and in Qafa e Kaqanollit where is merged Llapi with Shala.
Battle of Kaqanollit is one of the greatest victories of the KLA not only for the military plan but also for the morality that everyone will be proud of, because of winning or losing this battle depended lot of things.
Being confident of this, very numerous Serb forces attacked the KLA positions knowing that their plan "Horseshoe" (Patkoi) can be accomplished more easily if will not run into resistance at LLOZ. However, the calculation was wrong bacause they were broken by brave warriors of Llapo, who made an excellent resistance causing to Serb forces and machinery a very large loss.
Also, as many other battles throughout the history this battle has proved that high moral of warriors and great desire for freedom of the people is stronger than any other price.
This battle brings together military knowledge, sacrifice and heroism of brave warriors of Llapi who gave to the KLA an important victory.
In unequal duel of combat technique and Serbe forces, were martyred seven warriors of this area Bekim Maliqi, Bekim Lushaku, Habib Zeka, Nazmi Zhegrova, Fadil Sejdiu, Islam and Selim Rekaliu.
On the other sde freedom fighters have caused to Serb forces lot of loss in men as well as in military technique. The occupying forces disappointed with the losses brought by brave warriors KLA, during they withdraw killed and massacred dozens of civilians, women, children and elderly and six of them have been burned in neighbourhood Lepaj.
In this battle, as in many other battles KLA commanders fought in the front line, in this way giving moral to fighters. Therefore, such glorious events are values of which we are inspired and from which we take appropriate strength to march forward.
Remembering September 15th 1998 we remember the greatness of this battle and the martyrs who fell to never die.
This battle in which we have seven martyr who died in the cause of liberty, has made KLA even stronger, her image was rising even higher, the number of volunteers to be listed in this military formation was increased even more, as and conviction of people for the KLA were pretty good facts indicating the success of the Battle of Kaçanolli.
This glorious battle of KLA’s Operational Zone of Llapi, is known as the Battle of Kaçanolli.