Battle of Rezalla

On November 25th, 1997 numerous Serbian police forces attacked the village Vojnik after the resistance of KLA warriors, Serb forces have withdrawn. However, the next day, namely on November 26th 1997, the Serbian military and police forces take another action oriented in two directions to enter in Vojnik. Frontal battle will take place between the KLA and Serbian forces in Rezallë e Re, which was led by KLA commander Adem Jashari.

These fights were made throughout the day and were very tough, because Serbian forces in this action used perfect military machinery even helicopters to defeat KLA fighters. However, KLA fighters were well organized and used military strategy and tactics, attacking Serbian forces with professionalism and forced them to withdraw.

On this occasion, it should be noted that the loss of Serbian forces in this battle, has made the enemy to change tactics in dealing with the KLA fighter. Serbian police after the suffered loss in this battle, during withdrawal in revenge attacks the school of Llausha and has killed school teacher Halit Geci. Teacher Halit Geci will be buried on the 28 November 1997, marking the Flag Day, our national holiday, On this day, Kosovo Liberation Army will find reason to appear in piublic, thus opening the brighter, more glorious and proud era, the Era of Kosovo Liberation Army.

Battle of Rezala and public emergence of the KLA, as two components will mark the turning point in the history of the Kosova.