The military oath

The military oath
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The military oath
The military oath is a solemn act of a remarkable event in the life of every soldier with great human, national, moral and political value.
1. “As a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, I swear that I will fight for the liberation of the occupied land of Albania and their union, I will always be a faithful soldier, worthy warrior of freedom, vigilant, courageous and disciplined, ready at any time, without spearing even my life to fight in order to protect the interests of sacred HOMELAND. If I violate this oath, let me to be punished by tighter laws of the war, and if I fool let ma blood forgotten. I SWEAR!
2. The military oath is made during the first month of going to the army, as soon as the order is given by the commander of the unit (department).
3. The military oath is an act of a particular importance in the life of every soldier. So on this day, should be organized a modest ceremony attendant by military and political leaders (if the war conditions allow participation of parents).
4. The oath is given in front of the flag.
5. At the appointed time, when in the unit comes representative of a superior command, the unit command gives the command: “Shun! Honoring the centre (left, right) arms in honor” and report “Sir General, effective of the company (I or II) of infantry is lined, on the occasion of the military oath. Company commander, Colonel Celiku”.
Delegate, after pass throughout the all personnel, stops in the center of alignment and wishes:
“On the occasion of the military oath; congratulations!” Effective responds with three enhanced “URRA”
6. After the greetings, company commander or another, appears in the center of the alignment and gives the command “For oath”. With this command national flag is raised and are made 10-15 steps forward.