Family's History

Family's History

Liberation of Kosovo is the work of several generations of the Albanian people for national liberation and reunification. National Movement for liberation from Serb conqueror has continuity since 1913, when the Conference of Ambassadors in London [1] unfairly halved Albania and left outside its borders more than half of the Albanian people.

During World War II Albanians except dream of liberation and national unity, had created the illusions fed from the right and from the left that after the War Albanian lands with united and ethnic Albania would be formed. About this issue there have been efforts, initially from the right Albanian a part of which had fallen into the lap of fascism and from the Albanian left side, even Yugoslav left that after the war National Liberation War [2] Kosovo would join Albania. [3] On the basis of this statement, National Council for Flat Kosovo of Dukagjini [4], on the the Bujan Conference of 31st December 1943 and 1st and 2nd January of 1944 [5] was declared for the unification of Kosovo with Albania.

These illusions will disappear from 8-10 July of 1945, when the Conference of the Regional Committee in Prizren [6] decided that Kosovo to be annexed to Serbia [7] on the grounds that Serbia was more developed and have more opportunity than Albania to contribute to the economic development of Kosovo?! Thus Serbia made official new conquest over Kosovo, but never managed to to quell Albanian liberation dream for national unity.

After World War II [8], the National Movement for the liberation for national unity even in difficult conditions, of a savage slavery, classic conquest, a chauvinist and communist Yugoslav terror, never has stopped political activities in clandestine conditions. This activity of the National Movement, its apex of organization of the action reaches in the last three decades of the twentieth century.

The apex of this movement is undoubtedly the Kosovo Liberation Army, which, being a powerful instrument of unity across the left-right Albanians, and even beyond Albanians managed to accomplish a great part of national aspiration. Victory reached by Albanian people, and assisted by the international community in June 1999 is a great victory. Only idealists had unwavering faith in victory, so started with planning, organization and courageous military action to liberate Kosovo.

It is natural that in this great and nation planning and implementation, organizations and individuals have had their undoubted impact and contribution. Viewed in this context, the impact of the Jashari family has its distinctive peculiarities, not comparable, unique and definitive in this great national victory achieved in the last century.

From the beginning of the XX century, Drenica become one of the centres of the National Movement for liberation. In all the important events of the last century, is distinguished Prekazi with brave and important national activities. History tells us manly fortitude of Ahmet Delia who was successfully facing with axe Serbian Chetnik gangs. This resistance will be followed during the years of the Kaçake Movement [9] and then in Drenica War, 1944-1945. [10]

Prekazi was distinguished even in the first year of Albanian Spring, when on May 13, 1981, and Tahir and Nebi Meha fought bravely against Yugoslavian special units.

At this time in the scene starts to reveald Jashari family, Shaban Jashari with sons, Hamza and Adem, who over the graves of martyrs Nebi and Tahir Meha, swear [11] that will continue the fight for the liberation of the nation's unification.

Genealogy of Jashari family is old. Lower Prekazi is consisted of four neighbourhoods: neighbourhood Jasharaj, Kodra, Meha and Lushtaku. Three first neighbourhoods were created by three brothers: Jashari, Kadriu and Meha, so are from the same blood, while Lushtaks have come later in Prekaz. Jashari had three sons, while the family of Adem Jashari, derives from the Jashari third son, Murat, from which then are created other generations of our family: Fazliu, Murat and Shaban. Shaban (Murat) Jashari was married with Zahidja, and gave birth to three sons: Rifat, Hamza and Adem. [12] Thus, the Jashari family tree continues to expand and increase being renewed by generations day by day.

However, Shaban Jashari the love for the homeland and nation had emerged in the 50s’ of last century, but the most serious resistance, most public of Jashari family that will spread occurs in December of 1991, when the armed forces were faced with Serbian police. On the morning of December 30, Serbian police forces rush to Jasharajs in order to imprisoned Adem Jashari and his armed formation.

In history there are also random events, but this of Jashari family, for Adem Jashari and his armed formation was not coincidence, the event was expected, prepared, planned and successfully implemented.

Adem Jashari years ago was organized in the National Movement, the Popular Movement for the Republic of Kosovo later called LCP [13]. In the early 90s’, he had completed military preparations in Albania in order to form the Army for the liberation and unification of Kosovo with Albania and other areas. To this goal Adem Jashari and his family will stay faithful and consistent to their glorious fall with 5, 6 and 7 of March, 1998.

For this high human, political and national purpose Adem Jashari had the blessing of his parents, brothers’ support and approval of all the Jashari family. This willingness, purpose and courage did not have for close family interest or any other small-minded interest, because they knew that whatever they were doing, were doing for the interest of the nation and homeland.

Jashari family was aware of the high severity, but with conscientiously and confident that without war, without blood and painful sacrifice there is no liberation and national unity, entered the military actions of selfless, to made historic turn in our national movement.

This willingness and courage Jashari family has shown several times, on 30 December of 1991, 22nd January, 1998, and finally in March of national pride and glory, in March of proliferation and mass mobilization of Albanians for the liberation struggle.

On 30 December 1991, the resistance of Shaban Jashari family from armed formation of Adem Jashari, the youngest in the history of Kosovo, strongly warned the emergence of higher national, political and military organization for liberation and unification of our nation.

[14] All liberation armed formations formed later in our national spaces, will drink the water of inspiration in this inexhaustible Albanian fount, which will serve at any time for education of each generation of homeland and liberty lovers. Maltreatment, disdain and maltreatment of Albanians is stretched across Kosovo. Few of them were those who wanted to see and feel the daily humiliation that was done to Albanians.

From 30 December of 1991 Jashari neighbourhood, especially Shaban Jashari family is constantly monitored by police and military forces of the enemy, but Jasharis proudly continue living in their homes, in their property, in their Kosovo. During all this time, with a brief absence, the Jashari family and Prekazi wsas monitored by vigilant guards of Adem Jashari armed formation.

In Prekaz nothing was taking place spontaneously or accidentally. Jashari family continue to live under full curfew, but confident in victory.

Another important event in the history of the Jashari family that showed the vitality of militant mobilization of the large Albanian family was on 22 January 1998. [15] The attack happened that day on this family from saboteurs Serb, with the main goal for disappearance of the family and the Albanian resistance for freedom. As was said by those who have experienced that, the attack was fleeting but the response was fleeting also. Attack of the saboteurs Serbs on the Jashari family was not surprising, because mobilization was fast, brave and highly professional.

This mobilization of the Jashari family is a valuable addition to the patriotic family with high military preparetion. Such an attack and sudden of saboteur have been surprised by garrison professional soldiers, but which was not of the Jashari family. Surprised saboteurs escape stealthily "with tail under the saddle". But, two girls Jasharis remain injured.

This attack was another serious warning that Serbia is ready to practice violence on every Albanian family and to combat over Kosovo Albanians. Drenica and Kosovo were all put under siege iron. The Albanian politics in Pristina still was under the passive observation. The risk of war, massacres and violence from was everywhere. Upcoming arising events will confirm this.

A little more than a month after the attack of the Serbian saboteur on Jashari family, more precisely on February 28th and March 1st 1998 [16] had occurred in Qirez and Serb massacre in Likoshan of Drenica. [17] During the attack within two days were killed 24 people, mostly unarmed civilian people. Loss had many families from these villages, but the worst calamity struck the Likoshan and Ahmeti family and Sejdiu from Qirezi.

With these attacks, Serbia was hitting the core of Albanian society – the family. After the massacre of Qirez in Likoshan, police and military machinery will attack the Jasharis of Prekazi, in order to liquidate Jashari family, to liquidate the core of the KLA and its commander Adem Jashari. The enemy sought that after this in Kosovo Kosovo to rule fear of violence, terror of Serbian massacres and so extinguish the Albanian efforts for freedom and national state.

5, 6 and 7 March 1998 [18], Jashari family for the third time, with great force and military police was attacked from Serbia. Serbia had taken so seriously legendary fight with Jashari. Serbia in Kosovo killed, massacred, half erased many Albanian families, because they were Albanians, because Serbia demanded the expulsion and extermination of their planning and perpetuation of Serbian rule over Kosovo.

Attack of the Jashari family, was not only because they were Albanian, but because they were members of combatants, because they were the core of the KLA, they were the example of loving family, because they caused to Serbia losses and because Serbia souk revenge on a family in order to spread fear terror in every Albanian hearth.

Attack on Jashari family was not only a goal of eliminating violence and killing Albanian KLA commander, but the main purpose was killing Albanians courage to fight for the liberation of national unity. Even in the March attack as in other attacks Jasharis were not surprised. Again they responded to the attack by "seven to seventy," an old Albanian tradition.

Any member of the Jashari family was not a victim, all are captains and heroes: the last warrior fell, the twentieth, of Jashari family, according to the data was Kushtrim [19] aged 13 to 14 years. Such was the school of patriotic education in the Jashari family in Prekazi of Drenica. A school that will be remembered from all generations and eternally.

We can conclude that befittingly Jashari family has a special and unique role, not only in our national history, but also to the universal, for the preparation of readiness of population in liberation war, has the unique role of the unrivalled organization of KLA, has unprecedented role for massive mobilization of people in the liberation war, support for the war by the international community and has unparalleled merit for freedom and national prosperity, for the Republic of Kosovo as an independent, sovereign and democratic state. Such families honour each nation, but not all nations have such brilliance.

In each anniversary, Jasharis who survived, renewed Jasharis, in their faces did not have scowl, tears of disappointment, but on every face of Jasharis you sees love, generosity, pride to achieve national victory.

Even in this aspect, even in the new Kosovo Jasharis prove and radiate their inherited family uniqueness that is to be envied by all Albanians wherever they are.