KLA History

KLA History

Kosovo historical part of the Albanian stump was constantly forced to fight for freedom, for liberation from many occupations, and primarily from Slavic rule. Kosovo, historically with tis indigenous population, the Illyrian-Dardanian/Albanian during history was faced with major challenges, with the titanic struggles of life and death. And, in all those confrontations, including in the field of battle, Kosovo, its people, as part of natural Albania had given ceaseless evidence that, is capable to face own destiny, is proud to faithfully protect ancestral and today’s generations land and of those who will come after us.

Kosovo, our heroic people, always and at any time in the history of this sub sky, besides freedom tribunes, prominent patriotic thinkers, freedom-loving, gave the liberation warriors, warriors that emerged from the bay of this nation and that, with the flag of Skenderbeu marched in our nation's victories.

Therefore, historically, Kosovo, this part of the Albanian stump always in the battle area has given brave soldiers of freedom, the Albanian army. In this sense, spiritual roots and not just national and historic birth of the Kosovo Liberation Army should be looking at our brave past, ancient Albanian epopee, because the founders, originators, warriors and members of the KLA were great-grandchildren of Gjergj Kastriotit, të Sylejman Vokshit, Çerçiz Topallit, Isa Boletinit, Bajram Currit, Shaban Polluzhës, Adem Demaçit and other Albanian warriors, who were and are Albanian emblem of courage, the determination to be the Lord of our land, our Homeland wherever it lies.

Undoubtedly, the late twentieth, for our nation, was a new era, because the moment had come for the history, with the crucial struggle of our nation, increasingly under the leadership of the KLA led by Adem Jashari, to begin the struggle for liberation from Slavic, Serb – Yugoslav rule. There were Kosovo boys, patriotic youth, inspired by the ideas of freedom and liberation, had made oath for liberation of Kosovo. In every aspect and every Albanian perspective, the emergence of the KLA, was expected on the second Albanian November.

Because almost a whole century, generation after generation, the people of Kosovo, was increasingly supported by state of origin, Albania, but also by our brethren in Macedonia, Montenegro and Eastern Kosovo in Eastern was preparing for the great battle, the battle which brought to us liberation from the Serbian/Yugoslav rule.

Therefore, being aware of the fact that freedom is not given, that freedom is not won at the diplomatic table, brave people of Kosovo, Albanian undefeated boyhood throughout the Albanian lands, for a whole century was not kneeling in front of the invaders, but was preparing for war. This is because, whatever the political developments in Kosovo derived since 1912, when the Kosovo was re-conquered by Serbia, our ancestors, generation after generation had become clear that liberation of Kosovo cannot be accomplished only with the political movement but how history teaches us national political movement for liberation can only succeed if it has the support military movement.

Therefore, in our journey toward freedom, liberation, toward national common future, Albanians generations after generations since the time of Isa Boletini with friends until the age of Adem Jashari, KLA commander was persecuted, imprisoned, killed.

Freedom fighters never stopped preparing for battle against the invaders, because life and our future was determined on the battlefield, was determined in Kosovo legendary areas, these areas which many times throughout history were soaked with Albanian blood.

Today, ten years after the liberation of Kosovo from Serbian-Yugoslav rule, again we look at the historical and national role of KLA, so I disentangle component role of the KLA, as a political movement and our nation's military movements. Without doubt, the KLA, also had strong integral component of the political movement, because realistically, not only before, but especially after the end of World War II every organized activity of Kosovo Albanians and those in ethnic territories of Macedonia, Eastern Kosovo and Montenegro, had political, national goals and aimed to accomplish through broad political movement.

From another aspect, at the same time, for the national liberation activities, decidedly was worked for the military organization of the people, because, it was estimated that only through a large military movements, such as the KLA, can be liberated our ethnic lands from Slavic rule. At the historic moment when the opening scene of our national policy was introduced KLA, it at the same, time was /national movement and military movement of Albanians. Reasons for this conclusion are numerous and vigorous. But, I will disentangle some of them.

First, it was inconceivable that without political movement can be create scope for military movements, so without presentation of KLA cores as a major political and national movement can be established, founded, expanded and asserted military movement, so the Kosovo Liberation Army, being at the same time, political movements and military movements. Before the great hour of our history was presented, there was also an important element of national reconciliation, compliance as required and as expected among Kosovo Albanians and beyond.

Second, Kosovo needed protection and that protection and deliverance from Serb-Slavic invasion could not be realized only by desire, the ideals of freedom, liberation, with political segment, but necessarily with war. And, the fight would do, as did, glorious Kosovo Liberation Army, which successfully played and at the same time both roles as political movements and military movement, managed to mobilize people to fight not only for political, national battle but also for the armed struggle.

Captive Kosovo rightly came to her children, her great-grandson and great-granddaughters, where people came from the breast of most luminous inflexible Albanian soul, Kosovo Liberation Army, political movements and military movements of the nation. The people who brought the KLA, the political and military movement of KLA has identified the light of freedom, the path of its liberation from the Serbian/Yugoslav rule.

Third, the KLA being political movements and military movements of Kosovo, the Albanian people, grew and developed into a modern army.

KLA, as political and military movement of the people of Kosovo, soon became real hope, tangible that captured the hearts and souls of all the sons and daughters of all Albanian patriots everywhere.

In fact, with the KLA, as military movements, as modern army of Kosovo was raised morale high resistance inscribed on the forehead of every freedom fighter: “Freedom or death for homeland”! With KLA, as political movement and military movement, namely the liberation and triumphant army, was emerged the feel of performance of duty for the Homeland. So, today, we can conclude that KLA fighters were soldiers as well as politicians. After the end of the Kosovo war, KLA leaders become politicians, were returned to politics from which few years ago had entered at the battlefield.

Fourth, the Kosovo Liberation Army, political and military movement of Kosovo was born and grew up as a national project that will bring freedom to the country, and came out among the people, which was also determined to win freedom struggle, emerged as a strength, political/national and military force to decide the fate of the people, rose and grew up, as well as political movement and military movement providing not only national admiration but also international, as an army of liberation, that fight makes for peace and not for slavery.

Finally, instead of ending I want to say that, the KLA, in ambiguity, as political and military organization, made major turning point in the course of our national history, changing the meaning of life in Kosovo, and at the same time the long time dream come true to many generations who sacrificed themselves for Kosovo Republic, a sovereign, democratic and internationally recognized.