Memorial COMPLEX

Memorial COMPLEX

At Jashari’s for the third anniversary of Kosovo independenceIt’s easy to go to the memorial complex “Adem Jashari” in the village Prekaz, in Skenderaj, after the first turn on the right side is placed a billboard with the inscription “BAC, U KRY!”.

All the road is paved, and at the right of this descent are martyrs’ graves where lie down 61 bodies of Jashari’s family, led by Shaban, Hamëz and Adem Jashari, who fell heroically on 5th, 6thand 7th of March, 1998, in the battle with Serbian paramilitary forces.Near the grave of the three first martyrs continuously stays KSF guard, which honors the legendary commander and all Jasharis.

Adem Jashari memorial is arranged so fantastic with marble and names of the martyrs emit sparks under the cold rays of the sun in February.Jashari family with 12 descendantsIn a picture with eight children wearing national dress are grandsons of Jashari family, of Rifat, Adem and Hamzë. This picture symbolizes the renewal of the Jashari family after the war.

From the marriages of Adem’sLulzim, Hamza’sBekim and Rifat’sMurat,were born c children, 7boys and 5 girls, all with renewed names.After the war, with changingthe Kosovo's path, it is necessary to educate the children differently from that of the past, because Kosovo was ruled by centennial invaders.

And now Kosovo is free and generations must be educated in democratic spirit. Age of the postwar children Jashari family is between 10 and a month.Guide of this complex, cares for the visitors and his task is to explain the history of the Jashari family.

A few meters away from the house where has resisted the legendary commander AdemJashari, along with his family, are determined by iron pillars, which are still left to know that the works for the restoration of the house are continuing, for which has been said to be house-museum.

At Jashari complex flies red and black flagAs in the complex, as well as the cemetery, fliesnational red and black flag.9 million visitors at the memorial complex "Adem Jashari"Guide of this memorial complex, tells us that for 12 years this complex is believed to has been visited by millions of Albanian citizens from all ethnic territories, including diaspora and Canada, as well as by the visitors from the region. Furthermore, according to the guide, the number of visitors is growing day after day.