Drenica Operational Zone

Drenica Operational Zone is the first Operational Zone of KLA, in fact, was the zone where the Kosovo Liberation Army was established. Here are settled solid foundations of KLA, from where then is extended throughout Kosovo. The first centre of this zone was Prekazi, from where was and the commander of the KLA, Adem Jashari. Later on was in Llausha, in Açareva and later will be focused on Likovc. Likoci for a long time has been a strong centre of the KLA. For a short time centres will influence have been Abria - Neighbourhood of Demak and Daut Halilaj tower between the Tërdec and Baica.
Commander of Drenica Operative Zone until the end of February 1999 was Sulejman Selimi, when this task was passed to Sami Lushtaku. After this, Sulejman Selimi runs in his new task as General Commander of the General Staff of the KLA. Under the command in this zone with high military duty have been distinguished commanders of KLA as Fehmi Lladrofci, Mujë Krasniqi, Iliaz Kodra, Abedin Rexha, Rasim Kiçina etc.
In this zone where conducted first fighting, tough and sustaind for almost two weeks. Here the Kosovo Liberation Army has maintained its uninterrupted continuity. In fighting is especially distinguished Brigade 111 - "Adem Jashari". This was more professionalized formation of KLA, which bases were set by commander - Adem Jashari, and later on by Bekim Berisha, known during the war as Abeja. Valuable contribution to the professional development of this formation is also provided by Rasim Kiçina, Besim Mala, Jahir Demaku etc.
In this zon, KLA has well organized health service: There was a military hospital where were carried out many surgical services. By many doctors from this zone, but also was not missing the assistance or help from the Faculty of Medicine where have been carried out devoted services. In this case it is worth mentioning the contribution and hard work of the surgeon, Fadil Beka. The doctor Lec Uka will fall in Gradica in the line of duty, in the place where he was born. While it is lost without trace politician and humanitarian doctor, Hafir Shala from the Krojkova in Drenat. 
At the centre of this zone where held most important political and diplomatic meetings, which have been and are extremely important for our modern history. Here are highlighted meetings with the Ambassador K. Hill with Rexhep Selimi, Bislim Zyrapi, Sylejman Selimi and Shaban Shala and January 1999 meeting between the KLA HQ (akup Krasniqi, Sokol Bashota, Rame Buja, etc..), and KVM delegation, which was headed by W. Walcker, K. Hill, V. Petritsch etc. For Drenica Operating Area we can say that as characteristic had duration of military operations, maximization of army and representation of liberation war from all society strata.
Characteristic of this zone is the decline of four commanders of brigades, in the liberation war barricades as Abedin Rexha-Sandokani – commander of Brigade 112, Fehmi Lladrofci – commander of 113 Brigade and Ilaz Kodra commander of Brigade 114 "Fehmi Lladrofci". The declines/falls in the best way show martial character of the KLA commanders.