Karadaku Operative Zone

Karadak Operative Zone is one of the areas with more limited military activity during the liberation war organized and led by the KLA. Compared with the period before the 90s, when the patriotic movement had a significant delay and even meaningless. This could be possibly affected by some factors, such as activists of this area had fostered a lot the pacifism, had left little space for the opposite opinion, and in the first years of existence of the KLA here there was no military activity.

KLA HQ seeing these obstacles, awkwardness of alignment and lack in arms, left the area as a supply line. Just after the outbreak of war in Drenica, interest and involvement of people has been growing in the ranks of the KLA. KLA HQ was very interested to start a military organization that side. For this thing was charged Jakup Krasniqi, having good connections with some activists of the '70s to the '80s. Originally, about this he talked with Ilmi Ramadani (twice as political prisoner), who was always ready to operate in the service of the people of the country.

Ilmi will go in Gjilan and will get in touch with Abdullah Tahir, Ahmet Isufi and Shemsi Syla. Abdullah Tahiri was more willing and more enthusiasts to be engaged in the organization of the Kosovo Liberation Army. With the mediation of Ilmi, Abdullah Tahiri, Ahmet Isufi and Shrmsi Syla went to the HQ, where they in details spoke about the KLA organization in this Zone. After two or three nights of their stay in Drenica, they get back in Gjilan to deal with military organization. Following the escalation of the war, especially the summer offensive of 1998, they will establish a connection NZOLL These links will keep until the end of 1998. In early 1999, for the Zone commander will be appointed Ahmet Isufi. As elsewhere, even here was felt severe lack of funds, funds that were blocked by the Bukoshi government.