Llapi Operative Zone

Llapi Operative Zone (LLOZ) was called the zone in region of Podujeva or River Llapi in KLA war. Geographically, Llapi Operative Zone was lying in the northeastern part of Kosovo. It was surrounded, in the northeast with Serbia, southeast with Karadak Operative Zone, in south with Nerodime Operative Zone, in the southwest with Drenica Operative Zone and in the northwest with Shala Operative Zone. One of the first fighters of the KLA was also and founder of LLOZ Zahir Pajaziti. In late 1997 and early 1998 LLOZ had a very good expansion and was very well organized and functional.
Llapi Operative Zone had a very good organization even in places there where did not made public appearance, as in Pristina, Obili1, Fushë Kosovë, Gallap, was acting guerrilla unit "BIA", under the command of Salih Mustafa known as Cali.
For the health care of KLA soldiers in this zone has given special attention, so were recorded significant results in this regard, especially by Dr. Skender Murati, who had established his medical team.
On 18th of July, 1998, was held first meeting of the formation of Staff of the Llapi Operative Zone. The meeting is led by Rustem Mustafa-Remi. Present were: Kadri Kastrati, Nuredin Ibishi, Latif Ashi, Sejdi Rama, Avdi Kiçmari, Muhamet Latifi, Skënder Murati and Hamit Hamiti. The meeting took this decision: Establishment of formation of LLOZ Staff, for commander was appointed Rrustem Mustafa-Remi; Establishment of the First Brigade and Second (which later are named Brigade 151 and 152), for commanders are appointed Nuredin Ibishi and Idriz Shabani; establishment of the Military Police, for commander was appointed Hamdi Berisha and Special Unit, commander of which was appointed Avni Ajeti. Later was established the Brigade 153 and for the Commander was appointed Adem Shehu.
In the Llapi Operative Zone were placed several battles, fighting and many military operations, among which are: the Battle of Kaçanolli (15 to 18 September 1998), Battle of December (24 to 27 December 1998), Battle of Lkesani (January 9, 1999 ), Battle of Majaci (27 January 1999), Battle of Prapashtica (7 April 1999) etc.
During the fighting of LLOZ have fallen 154 KLA soldiers, while 181 were injured.