Nerodimja Operative Zone

Nerodimja Operative Zone initially was stretched from villages in Drenica: Shale, Fushicë, etc., up to Glloboçica. Later will be extend from Gryka e Carralevws and wide to Glloboçica. This zone included the territory of these municipalities: Lipljan, Shtime, Ferizaj, Kacanik and Shterpce. In June of 1998, by the decision of the General Staff of the KLA, Shukri Buja appointed commander of the Nerodimja Operative Zone.

By decision of the General Staff of the KLA, they were located in Kleçka from where they will prepare organization of KLM formations for Nerodimja Zone. After receiving an experience in organization of the Kosovo Liberation Army in the villages of Drenica (which were under the administration of Lypjan) Shala, Krejimir etc., In places where was good  organization of KLA present, this organization was starched in Gryken e Carraleves, mountain villages of Shtime, Ferizaj and Kaçanik, and were placed in village Mollapolc of Shtime.

First base of KLA for that side was the family "of “Plaku" Ahmet Mujota, from where was made the organization and coordination of military formations of the KLA. In Mollapolc, Shukri Buja, Agim Bajrami and Imri Ilazi shared action tasks: for Shtime and Lypjan was appointed Shukriu, for Kaçanik Agim Bajrami, while for Ferizaj was Imri Ilazi. For Ferizaj was initially charged Rexhep Bislimi who was imprisoned after the war begins and died after 6 days of torture.

After the successful expansion of the KLA formations in this area have contributed Ahem Qeriqi, Heset Sahiti, Fitim Selimi, Ramiz Qeriqi “Luani” in municipality of Lypjan andh Shtime, Fehmi Mujota e Ruzhdi Salihu, in Ferizaj, Ilmi Reçica, Sami Hajrullahu, Naim Beka, Rexhep Bislimi, Qamil Xhemajli etc. Agim Bajrami had extended impact in many villages of Kaçanik. After a fruitful activity enemy falls on Agim trail, commander "Zef", and after a heroic unequal war he was killed.