Pashtriku Operating Zone

Pashtrku Operational Zone originally included territory of municipalities: Prizren, Sharr, Rahovec, Suhareke (Therandë) and Malisheva. Also in this area, the organization of the Kosovo Liberation Army was made on the basis of units to pass later in military formations. Brigade was the largest military formation.
In this zone, first and most poweful basis of the KLA were in Rahovec municipality, Drenoc of Zatriqi, Zatriqi and villages Berisha Mountains, Kleçkë, Divjakë, etc. After the closure of Grykës së Llapushnikut, an important center for this area becomes Malisheva, where was established the command of the zone under the Commander Muse Jashari. At this time the KLA quickly begins to extend in Suhareka. The body of the Kosovo Liberation Army in the zone had five brigades, which were: Brigade 121, extendet from Llapushniku to Duhël, including all surrounding villages that lay around Berisha Mountains, 122 Brigade, composed of villages around Malisheva; Brigade 123 was stretched in municipality of Suhareka, Brigade 124, included Rahoveci and villages around and 125 Brigade, part of which were villages from Vrini until Prizren.
A distinctive characteristic of this zone was inclusion of intellectual elements, which have a distinctive role, had former political prisoners. After the summer offensive of 1998, most known brigades have suffered dissipation Brigade 123 due to desertion of commander Blerim Kuci and of a part of command and infiltration of elements, which after consolidation was present and constantly weakened military organization of this Brigade and Brigade 125. The latter suffered because of strikes that took from the enemy, initially being killed in ambush Commander "Petrit" Remzi Ademi. While, the weakest point of the Brigade 124, was its battalion operating in Sferkë of Gashi, where farkist element was quite rebelled against the command of the Brigade, but unfortunately not so committed to the enemy.
By the end of 1998, after Muse Jashari goes to another duty, the zone commander was appointed Ekrem Rexha with war nickname "Drini". In the beginning of 1999, he will move to another duty, the commander of the school for command and training, while the brigade commander was named Tahir Sinani. This situation remained until the end of the war.
In this zone, with the decision of the KLA General Staff and under the leadership of Operations Directorate, the school has been organized for officers of the battalion commander. Several generations have graduated. Many of them are also KPC officers. School of courses has led Sali Veseli.